Established in 2018 to equip individuals for better living in every possible area.

Come work out your mind and begin to live your BEST LIFE NOW!

Message from CEO, Dr. Idopise Umana, on the importance of investing in your mind along with your body.

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Our Vision

The Wellness Institute is a key priority within the "Health and Wellness" pillar of I&O Enterprises designed to serve as a "Gym for the Mind". The gym provides various classes that motivate and equip individuals to live their best life now.

Our vision is to create a Real Talk, nonjudgmental, encouraging community of "like minds" that:

I. Provides motivational and moral support

II. Promotes regular self-evaluation and acceptance

III. Equips individuals with knowledge and strategies to maximize every opportunity in life

Our Focus

The Wellness Institute hosts “REAL Talk” Empowerment Sessions facilitated by some of Georgia’s premier wellness professionals. Classes are available locally, in the City of Suwanee, Georgia, and online.


Physical Wellness

This courses examines the basic principles of physical health by teaching effective tools for everyday living. Students will be introduced to concepts regarding the benefits of exercise via tools that reinforce the importance of mobility, flexibility, core, strength and power, conditioning, and reaction exercise techniques that positively impact physical health and in turn healthy emotional wellbeing.


personal-professional Wellness

This course examines the principles of leadership; and how to apply the principles effectively for personal and professional development. Students will be introduced to various leadership acumen in Image, Customer Service, Time Management, Business Decorum, etc.; delivered independently from a collection of 1-hour classes designed for immediate use in both the workplace and other lifestyles.


Financial wellness

This course examines the principles of basic finance management; and how to apply the principles effectively for personal practice. Students will be introduced to various insight in Debt, Wealth, Money Impacts, Retirement, and Estate Planning; all delivered independently from a collection of 1-hour classes designed for immediate use in daily lifestyles.


LifeStyle wellness

Healthy living will cover a broad array of subject matters. Sample courses include addressing mindset blocks, goal-setting for success, healthy eating and cooking, getting restful sleep, and stress reduction and burnout. Healthy living courses are designed to help you achieve the best version of yourself for fully abundant living.


social wellness

This course reinforces the importance of healthy social awareness as it relates to one’s overall health. Students will be introduced to a variety of activities that allows them to enjoy life and engage positively within their communities. Topics and workshops will include (but not limited to), makeup tips, shopping on a budget, etiquette 101, and various other social activities.


emotional wellness

The emotional wellness courses consist of various topics geared toward helping you harness your optimal level of emotional wellness. Courses include: Stress Less: Feel Blessed, Depression: Finding your way out, Happily Single: Alone, not lonely; Anxious No More: Peace Released. Each of the aforementioned courses will allow you to establish desired goals and provide key implementation strategies to help you complete the necessary components to achieve your desired outcomes.



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shirley wooten

Shirley Wooten serves as Manager of The Wellness Institute.  She has an extensive background in healthcare administration, but most enjoys connecting with and helping others. Her current role allows her to combine her organizational management skill set with her desire in helping every person that comes through the Institute achieve their very best.   In her spare time, Shirley volunteers with several organizations including those that support feeding the homeless, hospice and Living R.E.A.L. Shirley lives in Atlanta, is a wife and mother and loves spending time with her friends.


roseatta jones-turner

Roseatta Jones-Turner serves as the Financial Administrator for The Wellness Institute. She retired from Bank of America after 31 years within the banking industry. She has held major responsibilities that included Acquisition and Mergers, Corporate Trust, and Project Management. After a brief retirement, she re-entered the work force with a position as a Financial Administrator with the Atlanta Public School System. Her roles included bookkeeping, payroll, staff attendance, event planner and special events decorator. After her second retirement, she founded Red Sugar, LLC, a multifaceted company that offers multiple services and instructional classes through the Wellness Institute of I&O Enterprises. Her philanthropic passion allows her to serve as the Executive Coordinator, Treasurer, and Community Cares Director with Living R.E.A.L., Inc., a non-profit organization.



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