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12 Pillars

We have identified 12 core areas of human interests, passion, pursuit.

Art, Beauty, Cares (philanthropy), Entertainment, Fashion, Finances/Fiscal Responsibility, Health and Wellness, Personal/Professional Development, Publishing, Real Estate, Technology, Events

Why do we use it?

In life, everyone is seeking to fulfill a dream (even if they are not aware of it), make those daydreams that they had as a child, those visions as an adult become a reality. Within I&O Enterprises, we have identified 12 common areas of human interests and wish to help support the pursuit of living a truly fulfilled life of love, joy, peace, and purpose within those areas to positively influence our communities.

Where does it come from?

Ultimately the pursuit of “things” does not give people joy. However the understanding of one’s purpose, leads to joy and fulfilment.

Where can I get some?

I&O Enterprises has set up a team of purposed individuals dedicated to support individuals within our communities so they can live their best life now!