Health and wellness


“To thy own self be true”, says Polonius in the play Hamlet, penned by Shakespeare. So how does one do that? Well, it starts by “owning” your self. Hmm, what does that mean?

For starters it means striving to become well in every area of your being, your core. Wellness encompasses your physical health, your emotional health, as well as your financial, personal-professional, and social health.

So many of us focus on one area (i.e. the ongoing focus on physical attributes) and at times neglect that we are not whole in our work-life balance, we are not sure what our purpose entails, and we do not address our mental health concerns.

No one is immune to the challenges of life. Hence, I have learned that true “Wellness” or owning my self, starts with identification of the importance of understanding oneself in every aspect of life. It then takes the form of identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses, and it empowers me to actively seek positive reinforcement to live out my best life.

So Wellness is striving to be physically well, emotionally well, socially well, financially well, etc.

So my friend; my challenge to you this year, and every day of our life is for us to strive to be “well” in every component of our being and seek out positive resources that help us live out our purpose on this earth!

So, join us at The Wellness Institute and “own” your self!